Call: Tyler

Sam: *excited, dials number* Hey Ty, I think I made some headway on rescinding my grandmothers power over my father and his estate. Thanks for helping me out, Ty.
Tyler: *groggy* w-what? um...what? I'm tired dude, why are you ringing so early?
Sam: *glances at watch, rolls eyes* its 3 pm! *laughs* I really don't know how you manage to stay in business with the way you are.
Tyler: *sits up, puts on reading glasses, looks at time, laughs.*Its all in time management dude. I've been working hard out all month, I'm entitled to have a little leeway man. *lays back down,* See I told you we could kick her fucken ass. Just stick with me Samson and I'll stare you right. *runs hand through hair,* so..hows things going with that sexy doctor of yours.
Sam: *smiles* Well, as soon as I get power of attorney then I'm telling her everything. Oh...did I tell you she sent me a text and I spoke to her all night the other night?
Tyler: *rolls eyes* only about a million fucken times.
Sam: *laughs* oh...
Tyler: *rolls eyes* yeah oh.
Sam: *bites bottom lip* erm...Ty? I want to ask you something?
Tyler: *yawns* what?
Sam: *hesitant* erm...I want to like take her on a real date and was wondering what kind of music do you think she would like? I was thinking a little Chopin you know, Nocturne in des dur, Op 27, No 2...what do you think?
Tyler: *shrugs shoulders* ask her.
Sam: *frowns* no I want to surprise her.
Tyler: *rolls eyes* Ah. ditch that classical shit of yours, how the hell does one fuck to classical music anyway? besides, my taste may not be her taste, but if i were you I would rock out some hard core rap or sexy r n b. Then again you could go old school. Marvin Gaye dude...sexual damn healing. Marvin Gaye is the man! *laughs* but keep away from your classical shit.
Sam: *pouts* but I like classical.
Tyler: *rolls eyes* Well you're looking to get laid not fucken do the Viennese damn waltz, right?
Sam: *growls* I'm not looking to get laid. I love Sunshine.
Tyler: *smiles softly* I know you do dude. Its good to see you happy. But c'mon you must have some other music.
Sam: *smiles* she makes me really happy. I just have to sort this thing out and then I can tell her how I feel. And no I don't.
Tyler: *shakes head* you should tell her anyway. Life's too short dude. C'mon you must?
Sam: *smiles* I will when its time. *ponders* oh there's this guy my mom used to listen to. I think I have her old albums in storage *thinks* darn it I can't remember his name. Smoke or Smoking Robson? or some weird name. Who in their right name would call their kid Smoke? *laughs*
Tyler: *straight faced* ah its Smokey Robinson dude and you better not fucken dis his name cos he's a fucken legend. Next to the great Marvin Gaye he's my hero!
Sam: *frowns* erm..sorry. *widens eyes* oh that's the guy! and Marvin Gaye? I've never heard of him. There are so many artists out there.
Tyler: *nods* yep, Justin Timberlake, Jason derulo, AC fucken DC! *cheers* there's heaps of them out there. *yawns* anyway, whatever you decide is up to you. I must admit Chopin is okay. *yawns once more*
Sam: *smiles* thanks Ty. Thanks for all your help with the lawyers and all. You are a great friend. Get back to sleep. *waits for the other to hang up, ends call*
Tyler: *smiles at his words, yawns and growls* yeah whatever. Later's *ends call*
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